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Austin , Texas.

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Home » Crystals » Kundalini Quartz

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Kundalini Quartz :This is extremely rare and natural Kundalini Quartz from the Congo! Kundalini Quartz is natural citrine from the Congo. It activates the Kundalini energy upwards in a snake like or DNA Helix- like pattern. Working from the base chakra, it rises upward to the eighth chakra above the crown. It then opens and helps one to move forward from any previously blocked chakras.

It is comprised of Quartz crystal with Smoky Quartz phantoms and Hematite inclusions. The hematite helps to ground one, the smoky quartz balances and moves primal energies in the body, and the quartz amplifies and transmits energy. Kundalini can be defined as the potential energy stored in the nerve center at the base of the spine. This stone was named for its ability to raise one's energy from the base chakra through the crown chakra and above. Raising the Kundalini will lead one to a more spiritual, less ego-centered life. The energy is very primal.

Kundalini Pendant from the Congo 4045


Kundaline Quartz is Citrine from the Congo. Citrine Releases deep level thoughts, anxiety, emotions and fears. Wrapped in Sterling silver.Weighs .2 oz ( 7 grams) Dimensions excluding bale:3cm x 1.5cm x 1cm(1" x .5"x .6")
List Price: $35.00
Price: $25.00

Kundalini Quartz  Pendant from the Congo 4049


Kundalini Quartz is Citrine from the Congo. Wrapped in Sterling Silver. Citrine helps bring joy, happiness and to feel ability to go forth with greater self-esteem and self-confidence. Weighs:.2 oz(7 grams) Dimensions excluding bale:3cm x 1.5cm x 1cm (1" x .6" x.5"
List Price: $35.00
Price: $25.00

Kundalini Quartz  success and willpower 4996


Kundalini Quartz from the Conga. Chakras: All Natural Citrine from the Congo has become known as "Kundalini Quartz" because of its powerful Kundalini moving energies. It's said to move energy upwards from the base chakra to the crown, opening each chakra along the way. Weighs 2oz(59g) Dimensions: 6cm x 3cm x x 2 1/2cm(2.5"x 1 1/4"x 1") Note: Healing crystal meaning are for spiritual growth not a substitute for prescriptions or Medical information. Price of one stone!!!
List Price: $35.00
Price: $25.00

Kundalini Quartz Isis helps increase the kundalini energy 3567


Beautiful Kundalini Quartz from the Congo. Helps lift our moods.Beautiful yellow gold color. Weighs:1.7 oz(51 grams) Isis formation helps increase creativity. Dimensions:5.5cm x 3cm x 2.5cm(2"x1.25"x1.5")
List Price: $60.00
Price: $50.00

Kundalini Quartz Pendant is an abundance tool 5001


Kundalini Quartz is also an incredibly powerful manifestation and abundance tool. From the Congo. Weighs:.5 oz(16 grams) Dimensions:2" x .5 " x .5 "(5cm x 1.25cm x 1.25 cm) Wrapped in Sterling silver.Wrapped in Austin ,Texas
List Price: $55.00
Price: $45.00

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