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Austin , Texas.

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5" Quartz Crystal Singing Triangle Pyramid - Perfect Healing Musical Instrument 4999


5" inch Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid ~A high viberational healing tool for therapists.Sacred Geometry of the ancient pyramids and the harmonics of optically clear quartz crystal create amazing healing vibrations. They can be used for sound healing, for meditations, for musical recordings, therapeutic work. They are wonderful for clearing and energizing. These crystal singing pyramids are assisting with activating the new patterning from the cosmos and assist with grounding these energies into our consciousness. Available in a range of sizes from 3" to 26", The larger the size, the deeper the harmonic. Smaller sizes carry a lighter, bell tone while the larger sizes create a range of harmonic tones from deep base harmonies combines with warm heart centered and bell tones depending on where you tap the crystal rods.
List Price: $160.00
Price: $140.00

7 Chakra Amethyst star Pendants 4976


Amethyst six Pendant star .Plus 7 chakras. The 7 chakras are Amethyst, Garnet, Carnelian, Aquamarine, Peridot, Iolite, Citrine. Diameter is 4 inches (12 cm). Weight 1.1 oz(34 grams) Beautiful Piece.
List Price: $75.00
Price: $50.00

7 Chakra Bonded Crystal Sphere 5044


Set your intentions and let the magic happen 7 Chakra Bonded Crystal Sphere Diameter 2.5 "60 mm Weight 11.8 oz(335 grams) 7 FACETED GEMSTONE SPECIFICATIONS: Root Chakra = Red Jasper Sacral Chakra = Peach Aventurine Solar Plexus Chakra = Orange Aventurine Heart Chakra = Green Aventurine Throat Chakra = Lapis Lazuli Third Eye Chakra = Iolite Crown Chakra = Amethyst
List Price: $100.00
Price: $80.00

7 chakra bracelet clears all chakras 2756


The stones are Amethyst, Garnet, Carnelian, Aquamarine, Peridot, Iolite, Citrine. Weighs:.3oz(11 grams) Diameter:8cm(3") Price is for one bracelet
List Price: $30.00
Price: $25.00

7 Chakra Braclet 3314


CHAKRA" BALANCING STRETCH BRACELETS WITH 7 DIFFERENT GEMSTONES, Weighs :.2oz(10 grams). Dimensions:3" x .5"x .25"(7cm x 1cm x .5cm) Root Chakra = Red Jasper Sacral Chakra = Carnelian Solar Plexus Chakra = Yellow Agate Heart Chakra = Green Aventurine Throat Chakra = Rose Quartz Third Eye Chakra = Black Agate Crown Chakra = Amethyst Price for 1 Bracelet
List Price: $30.00
Price: $25.00

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All in the Mind?? If you use crystals to enhance your wealth, well being, for love, to calm your nerves, or health elements such as digestion, manic depression, or if you simply like to hold them while you meditate as I do. Is it all in the mind, or is it? .

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