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1)Hi Warren,
I just wanted to let you know the crystals arrived today & they are stunning.
Thank you so much!
Klee Nova Scotia,Canada

2)Dear Warren,

They're here!  In My Hands!  I can't catch by breath!  Literally!

Thank you for the wonderful gifts, too.  The water clear quartz is really great and thanks for the wonderful coupon, too.
Thank you Warren!  These crystals are busy already, my chest feels warm in the center (big area) and every cell in my body relaxed with an 'Ahhh' when I unwrapped the Tibetan Bridge and Nirvana.
You really packed them well, not a crumb dislodged from either one.

Most exalted blessings on you and yours,

Jean St. Thomas,  United States

3) Hi Warren,

Thanks for the Ajoite,it is FANTASTIC - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

I am in Australia and I grew up in Sydney.  Now I am blessed to live in Queensland at Eagle Heights on Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland.  We are surrounded by 9 national parks and it is totally unspoiled and real "soul food".

I like everything about Ajoite.  I love the peaceful wave that washes through me when I gaze at it.  I also find it really magnifies the warmth of my heart.  I can lose myself in the splashes of brilliant blue that can be so intense. 

I visited your store and I love it.  I admire your ethics and social responsibility with your commitment to helping animals.   I printed the "Healing Lore of Stones" which was very synchronicious as I am about to practice at the Expo shortly.

Many thanks again.

Best wishes,
,Eagle Heights Queensland 4271 Australia

4)Hello Warren
I received the crystals today, thankyou very much the're lovely.
Thankyou for the keyring as well.

,SYDNEY NSW 2210 Australia
5) Warren,

OMG!!  This Quartz Skull is absolutely amazing.....Thank you so much!  I have named her Au Set, known mostly by her Greek name, Isis.
Love, light and peace,
Denise. Henderson,Nevada

6)I am a level 2 Reiki and do a little Native American Shaman work.  I've been too busy to continue studies but I will.  I grew up mesmerized with minerals and rocks.  I still have all the ones I bought as a child. 

I started buying crystals again after learning Reiki.   I learned because my Mom has a lot of pain and health issues and it really helps her.  I realized that crystals and Reiki go together when my Reiki instructor used them on me. 

I injured my knee recently and intuitively realized I needed purple Smithson.  So, this one is an RX for me.  I do intuitive work and pick out crystals for my friends, too.

I had been looking for two days on line,  putting in all kinds of search terms.  I think I found your site under "purple smithsonite price", somewhere between pages 7-11 on google.  I had narrowed it down to 3 stones, but did some pendulum work and your stone came in first place.  It was based strictly on what stone would have the best energy for me.  I also figured out that it was more purple than the picture showed.  Purple-pink or purple/blue would not have worked.  It had to be purple or purple/lilac.  Different colors of Smithsonite accomplish different things.

Marsha ,Flower Mound, TX 

7)Hello! I HAD to send you an e-mail after having just received my crystal in the mail today. I LOVE the tangerine tantric twin! The quality is just beautiful and I think I was surprised that it was as nice as it was. But also, THANK YOU fo rthe bonus gift - the surprise little quartz key chain. That was really nice and it speaks volumes for how you appreciate your customers.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with both the quality of your merchandise, as well as your customer service. Have a nice Labor Day weekend!

Elk Grove Village, IL 

8)Hi Warren, just a quick e-mail to let you know the lithium quartz came this morning, it is beautiful, thank you so much i am very happy with this, have a great day, Peggy.
Dapto, N.S.W 2530 Australia

9)I am realy impressed of what this guy is!.... And brother Tourmaline.... Warren,you are too good to me! I've been checking out your shop - such piece of Tourmaline cost! Why did you do so? Oh,Man! Be blessed! Be blessed! Hope we will be in contact in future and this is not our last chatting!
As I says - blessings to you!
I am bussy for now - I have so nice friends around! Let me enjoy this moment! Back to work,
You know what,Warren? I am speechless at the moment.... Will talk to you later! Just I have no idea when my speaking abilities will be back...
Dublin D-22 Ireland

10)Hi Warren,URGENT ! Skull ARRIVED !!
 It arrived and i unpacked him late last night. His energy is so intense he kept me awake most of the night.I just love him was meant to be quite obviousely !!
Well, must new friend is waiting in the car.He has traveled all over
 with me today :))
  Blessings, Love and much Light,
     Pamela,Billings Montana 05-26-2010

11)Warren - The great smokie is fabalous as are the lithum crystals  My room is starting to hum !  take care Nancy
Springfield, MA 06-19-2010

12)HI Warren!!!
They both arrived!!!!!!!!! they are fantastic!!!!!!!  thank you sooo much and I will keep on letting everyone know about your website! I hope some of my students see how fabulous your crystals are and trust in actually purchasing something on line!
In love, light, and lots of laughter,


Sommerville,New Jersey 06-19-2010

13)Today I received my Lithium Crystal and it is even more beautiful in person.

I remembered requesting to please let me know when it will be arriving and you say on “Wednesday”.  I did arrive on Wednesday morning true to picture and carefully packed.

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my need, let me tell you that the minute I saw on line I felt that “pull” towards it; I am new at experiencing crystal, but I feel that my Lithium and I will have a long, healthy and loving relationship.

I would like to ask you a question if I may:  how do I program it for health?  I am experiencing a big health challenge with hypothyroidism and related consequences.

Thanks again.



Bheelek, Mountainside, New Jersey 06-21-2010

14)Warren, received my crystals's beans!! And thank you for the key chain! Your service is exemplary. These are my first crystals and I got them because my spiritual guide recommended them to rejuvinate my energy. Can you suggest any resources or reading material concerning crystals, Uses of them, differences in the crystals, etc. Thanks again for your prompt service..Randall 
Nashville, Tennessee 08-12-2010

15)Hi Warren,
Everything has arrived in good shape. Lots of real nice pieces. Thanks for the extra items.
Best regards,

, Cockeysville, MD 08-24-2010

16)Hello Warren, Yes!  Just got to the Post Office before thy closed today :)  They tried to deliver yesterday, but I just missed the mailman so I had to go & pick up to sign for the package.  The Ajoite rocks are lovely little treasures, the pendant is rather sweet (as well as the quartz key chain), & the Ajoite crystal is totally Fabulous.  The angels were smiling on me to send this my way - Thank you so much.  I will enjoy all & probably be shopping for more treasures from time to time.  Lisa :)
Moorhead,Minnesota 09-15-2010

17)Hi Warren I picked up the crystals to they and they are wonderful. And thank you heaps for the gifts - very thoughtful.
Yvonne ,Riverview Austalia 09-15-2010

18) Hi Warren 11-11-2010

I do love your crystals, but am disappointed when I find many of the pendants or crystals I would like, and they're marked "SOLD OUT". Sometimes, this makes me "eat my heart out"! Maybe if you removed them when they were sold, it wouldn't be so confusing.

Thank you for those awesome gifts you have been sending me with my orders. I especially love that beautiful lithium quartz piece and the rhodonite sphere, along with the others you gave me. I also really appreciate the Thanksgiving Sale.
Amy ,Buena Park ,Ca. U.S.A

18)Hi Warren 11-21-2010

Received notification that the package had arrived on Friday - but could not collect them until this morning - they are both fantastic and I can relate to your feelings about the Tanzanite. Thank you for your gift.

Louise,Gold Coast Queensland ,Australia

19)Hi Warren, 11-26-2010
Thank you so much for my moon stone Pendulum, Love it so much could not be happier :-) And also thank you for the Crystal Key ring, what a kind beautiful heart you have! I will be back again and will shair your site with friend's.
Take care.
Teake. Victoria Australia

20)Dear Warren 12-01-2010
At last....    today they arrived my beautiful crystals, thank you so much Warren. Right now they are taking a bath after a long and I am sure confusing
journey.  Thanks also for your nice gift, I will be using it every day.Thanks again I am looking forward to work with my new friends here and I am
happy to say that they arrived safe and sound.

Best greeting from Dorthe  Snedsted, Jylland(Denmark)

21)Hi Warren 12-05-2010
Got the package today!
Thanks for the crystal key chain.  Very thoughtful!
Everything looks good.
Thanks again for your time.
Ingrid,Toronto ,Ontario Canada

22)Hey Warren! 12-09-2010
This is michael...Loved the double terminated quartz crystal...stunning!
keep up the great work!!
Michael , Juneau,Alaska

23)Hi Warren, 12-16-2009

This order happened as I was sitting working at the computer and I started to play with the beautiful piece of pink nirvana quartz that you sent as a gift with a previous order.The amazing wave of calm that flows through your being from this beautiful crystal is divine.Straight away I knew that I needed to buy more and create an imbued oil with nirvana quartz. So thank you!!!
Ferelth,Eagle Heights Queensland 4271 Australia

24)Thanks for the quartz pendant gift, Warren!  We love the stones and crystals. 01-10-2011
Susan, Juneau.Alaska

25) 01-23-2011

Oh Wow I just received my package... Bad weather here so I guess it took a little longer.  It was so worth the wait.. My goodness Warren thank you so much for the turquoise it is absolutely beautiful!! I wasn't expecting anything so nice!! I'm thrilled with the Tibetan quartz and the Kunzite necklace too!! They are going to do wonders for me!! I will be meditating and beading today, I have to make something out of those beads immediately!

Have a great weekend!! And you have not seen the last of me!!

= ) Diana ,Cincinatti ,Ohio

26)Hi Warren, 02-13-2011

I got the crystals today.  They are fantastic.   I especially like the
rainbows in the imperial topaz.  Your valentine's day discount rocks, no put intended. :)

Thanks & Regards,

Joel , Rockledge ,Florida

27)Hi Warren! 02-17-2011
I just picked up my latest delivery of crystals and I am thrilled as always.  I always get the best quality stuff from you!  You are my one and only online supplier due to your superior products.  I also want to thank you for the speedy delivery that you always provide.  thank you again for everything and I look forward to ordering in the future. Sylvia Trabuco Canyon, California 02-17-2011

28)Hi Warren,
Received the first order today.  Very nice! Thanks James, Altoona, Wisconsin


Hi Warren

I received the crystals on Thursday but I was out of town over the weekend. There was a small delay as it went through the Australian quarantine service.
I love the crystals as they are so powerful after being cleaned and programmed. It made a difference to my place almost immediately.

Do you have more of the large ones as I do not mind having a few more. 

Regards Disston
Redfern, NSW, Australia

30)I just got the package yesterday. I love them! Thank you so much!! And thank you so much for the gift---that was so sweet of you. I love it!! I was surprised to see that the one was rare I am curious to know what makes it rare. Is it the color? They are all so beautiful.
Kristin ,Chicago Illinois 03-07-2011

31) 04-07-2011

Warren!!  I must apologize profusely!  I didn't ever get back to you after I received the big lemurian(the 8 pounder to refresh your memory).  I was out of town when it came in and then I flaked out, so sorry!  anyhoo, I want to tell you that it is an amazing stone and I really love it.  I still trying to find a really good way to display it :)  I also want to thank you for the bracelet you included with it.  it is very cool and I haven't ever seen one quite like it, so thank you very much.  As always, I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.  thank you again for the fabulous quality of your stones :)  Sylvia  Sylvia Trabuco Canyon, California

32) 04-13-2011

Hi Warren, just to let you know its Arrived :)) and its Beautiful, Thankyou Very Much, and also Thankyou for the little gift :) sadly my govmnt added 20% to the cost, i got Taxed, wasnt expecting that, just found out that if i had gotten it UPS i would have avioded it, dont know why, but if it gets put through our post system they slap tax on it :/ such is life, hope your having a Good day, and the fund raisings going well :) Take Care
Kerry ,Bedforshire Great Britian

33)Hi Warren,(04-14-2011)

I received the package today. It exceeded my expectations. Wow is all I can say about the gift. Thank you so much. I will be shopping again soon. I did see some other items I wanted.
Blessings to you of all things wanted,

Olanda , Owings Mills, MD

34)Hi, Warren (05-05-2011)

      The galena crystal arrived here today and we are very happy with it.
I put your web page in our favorites file to check on once in awhile.

Thanks Larry, Lenox, MI 

35)Dear Warren, (05-09-2011)
The Lemurian came yesterday,and I had to write to you to say thankyou! It is wonderful,and more beautiful than ever the pictures could have portrayed. What a gorgeous big beauty she is! I love her. The gift you included was a lovely surprise,and it is beautiful too...thank you so much. I would gladly recommend your site to my friends,as your crystals and service was great.I will be back soon,as there are a couple of things i have my eye on already!
Thanks again! Rachel.New South Wales,Australia

36)Hey Warren, (05-23-2011)
How are you?  I hope your day went well, especially after a long weekend!
The order came in safe and sound.  The pieces were terrific and the packing, too!  Thank you for the candle holder!  I will use it to hold one of my spheres!
I am very happy with the single crystal.  I have not held a crystal before, only cabochons and pebbles.  The crystal was different, very enjoyable!
Thank you so much,
I appreciate everything!
Ginny,Canton ,North Carolina
p.s.  I really like the quartz crystal bracelet .... it makes an excellent sphere holder, too!


WOW,,they are all such fine speciems,,Thank you soo very much!!! A great deal too,,so I am greatful,,sorry about asking about shipping fees,,Id love to buy those other ones I liked ASAP and maybe 3,,I love these DIVINE  energies...Oh ya thanks for the key chains too..My keys will appreciate them!! Namaste,Desiree

Desiree Sumner, WA 98390

Pendantif a moonstone has received. Magnificent. Big as I wanted. I have found a crystal-charm in a parcel for keys. It that for a crystal?
Victoria Fribourg Switzerland

39)Hi Warren: 10-01-2011

Well, I feel as if Christmas has arrived early at my crystals did arrive yesterday and were there when I got home from work last evening, and what a joy!

AND...I haven't broken any of them!  How's that?

I can't believe HOW BIG my SHIVA LINGHAM IS!!!  WOW!!!  Or, the ENHYDRO CRYSTAL!  WOW!  Or, my beautiful TIBETAN CARBON BRACELET!!  WOW!!  I'm so glad you didn't see me behaving like a kid last night over my crystals!  It was embarrassing!

And, I can't thank you ENOUGH for the beautiful Quartz Crystal bracelet that you gave as a gift!  You know, I've ordered other crystal bracelets from other merchants in the past, but none of them have crystals as large as yours; the crystals in the TIBETAN BRACELET are so large, and it is so gorgeous, I keep staring at it.  Today, I'm wearing it, trying not to hit it against anything hard that might crack or damage the crystals.

Many thanks, Warren, for your exceptional crystals/gems, and the speediness of your delivery!  Well, I'll be back on your site, looking at your new/latest cystals.  At this point, I'm trying not to go BROKE on them!  I so love and am into crystals/gems because THEY WORK!  They bring MIRACLES and help us with our spirtitual/physical issues, whatever they may be.

Many folks don't realize these are God's treasures to us; they're meant to aid and assist us in our life struggles-- not drugs, pharmaceuticals, pain killers and all those destroyers and killers of human life.  Too bad that the vast majority of our western civilization has moved away from these gifts, but thanks to merchants such as yourself, we can seek out these gifts and put them to use to help us.

Again, many thanks for your exceptional service...I'll be back shortly, so stay tuned!

Mollie,Chicao Illinois

40) Hi Warren,
Yesterday we picked up the skull.
A beautiful skull. He has a very large similarity with our Zanderfon skull, of a kind of Dem
  18th Herrum century. hard to believe that the ruby zoisite skull was made ​​years ago auth.third Had perhaps the sander A form or image of Zanderfon.
  many thanks.
Best regards, Dirk and Jeannette.Berlin ,Germany 11-18-2011

41)Hallo Warren I hope you are well. Just to let you know my lovely new nirvana arrived on Monday.  Sadly I have been too busy to spend much time with it but the rainbows and the markings are very interesting.  Hopefully I’ll have some time at the weekend.
Many thanks, karen,Bristol Great Britian 11-20-2011

42)Hello Warren, 12-16-2011

The Buddha and the sphere arrived today in perfect condition.
I am very happy with my purchase. They are lovely!
Your price was very fair, a rhocochrosite Buddha is  difficult to find. (I know, you have another one, but I liked this one best).
Thanks for the necklace too of course, it’s a very nice one.

Wish you a very nice Christmas, and a happy 2012.

Best wishes, Leny Netherlands

43)Hi Warren,

Yes, your product are very good and rare!
Much appreciate to know you!

Jeremy Hong Kong Island ,China 02-06-2012

44)Hey, Warren:
The crystals arrived just now, and they are lovely!  Super packing- they traveled totally intact.  Your inclusion of gift is much appreciated.  Thank you very much.  I will order again.
Marsha Hillsborough, NC 04-12-2012
45)Hi Warren,
The small crystals were great...just what I expected. The large one was also awesome....but I did not know that black tourmaline was variegated. I am sure it will do what I need it to do. Looking forward to doing business again with you....just don't ship Fedex.

Marji Southbury Connecticut 07-25-2012
46) Hi Warren,
 I received the pendant.  It is just loveley.  Nice doing business with you. I will remember you when I am in the market for my next stone.
Sharon, Brattleboro, Vermont 01-08-2013


Just wanted you to know i received the Black Tourmaline Sphere #2572. It is really beautiful, thank you for the 30% off and having fedex leave it at my front door, fedex is a far drive, about 40 minute away if they could not leave it, so it worked out great :)

Thanks again, Erik ,San Diego ,Ca 01-16-2013


Sorry it’s taken a minute to get back to you.  Worked the last couple of nights.

I kept the larger one…LOVE it…  The medium one went to a friend as a house warming gift, and it’s set up pretty much as the focal point in her area she uses for readings…she’s an astrologer.  The third one went out to a girlfriend on the west coast who is Wiccan…and it has been housed on her altar and she is telling everyone about it.

So, you did real well and the multiple sizes worked well!!!

Glad to have found you and your treasure trove of goodies!

Best Regards,

Grace…very happy customer! ,Michigan 01-19-2013

49)Thanks Warren, yes I have received the Moonstone Sphere ,the Sugilite and the green Tourmaline and they are wonderful.

Jason ,Auckland New Zealand 07-10-2013

Received the three balls in good shape my other half would like another Amber Ball No. 2974. Would you cut us a deal on that one since we purchased a lot from you. Let me know. We love the balls.
Paul ,Oxnard California 10-13-2013

51)HI Warren

Yes I did thank you, I received them this week. Been meaning to mail you to thank you for the beautiful amethyst bracelet, that was a very kind gesture and much appreciated.

As always your service and attentiveness was impeccable, thank you so much.

Will probably be in touch, as you are always my first port of call when I need to buy precious rocks.

Take care

Sarah ,Peebleshire Great Britian 11-14-2013

Received rose quartz ball and the nice stand yesterday in good shape.
We are enjoying all the things we buy from you. You have a lot very nice gem stones. If you ever get any more
 Amber balls back in stock let me know.
Thanks for being a goo d person to buy from.
Paul ,Oxnard Ca 12-28-2013

53)Thank you Warren for my order. I received it Friday night. I have been enjoying my crystal, sphere and bracelet all weekend. You have certainly brightened my holiday this year, and thank you again
Stephanie,Memphis Tennesse

54) Thank you for creating this venue and providing so much opportunity to learn and grow with the energies and gifts of so many varieties of crystals, gems, and minerals
Gloria,San Diego Ca 01-02-2014

55)Warren -

You have outdone yourself again!  The quartz is stunning, the halites incredible, and thank you so much for the beautiful citrine.  I’m sending it to my mom, along with some prehnite in quartz and a chunk of goethite (I just love that stuff - I don’t know why).  Thank you for being a purveyor of such beautiful, high-quality stones - and for not being a highway robber.

Jennifer,Albuquerque, New Mexico 07-07-2014

56)The two prices arrived today....exceptional quality! TY TY TY they were exactly as photographed! You are my new favorite crystal dealer, now all I have to do is generate more income for myself, and when I do, I will be back! TY TY TY! Karen,Rocky Point New York 07-09-2014

57),I received all the lovely crystals I ordered and they are even better then I thought.  But the Lithium specimen is by far on of the best.  Thank you also for the Ajouti earrings with the Papaya element was much appreciated.Wendy,Victoria Australia 07-25-2014

58)  Greetings,

  I wish to thank you for the wonderful Ganesha.   Perhaps one of the most beautiful I have ever beheld.
The detail is of a master class,  and the Labradorite is exquisite.  I am honored to have him in our home.

  Your careful packaging and kindness insured this masterpiece arrived perfectly.
I have the beautiful Lord Ganesha in a most sacred place.   I have an alter to honor what I hold sacred " Nature herself Earth and the Stars ". 
This alter faces our front door so Lord Ganesha can give his blessings to all.  I am ever grateful for you bringing him to us.

  Wishing you all many blessings,  and protected paths under the sky. Namastie,

  With Kind Regards,

  Linda ,Occidental Ca 07-27-2014

59)Oh, Warren!!!!  I absolutely LOVE the earrings...thank you SO muchEmoji
And I love sharing my wisdom with you!!! Please know that it is from my heart!!
I love your crystals and I am so happy to have a new friend in you!
Blessings and great peace to fill your heart,
Regina ,Seattle ,Washington 12-27-2014


Hi Warren,   
The Amethyst sphere is beautiful. I love the natural colors found in nature. I hope to buy more pieces from you soon.  
Thank you,  Sarah,Nashville Tennesse 01-2--15


Many thanks for the Tibetan Pendant I recently ordered. I let it "chose" me as I was scrolling thu your offerings. I have not removed it for the past few weeks and what a blessing it has proven to be.

I knew I was severely out of balance and spiraling in an unhappy direction due to many life/stress factors. It has helped me center myself again. It intentionally lays just slightly to the left over my heart whether I am asleep or awake....others have remarked about the presence it seems to have....LOL

I have passed your web store info along to others who may benefit from your products. I will shop with you first when I have need again.

Blessings to you and yours,

Marya ,New Milton West Virginia 07-06-2015

62)Just received the skull , perfect and beautiful. Great packing job also took me forever to get to it  once again thank you very much
Robert,Alberta Canada 07-06-2015
63) Dear warren,your skull arrived today, as you said - thank you so much for the great personable customer care and fast and reliable handling of the order. The skull is stunning ! It literally took my breath away, what a beautiful specimen, thank you again !

Best Doro ,Fremont California 09-10-2015

64)Thank You, I have received my crystals. When I purchased them online there was a description of each in purple. I went to look them up last night and I guess since I purchased the crystals – the description was not to be found.
Do you by chance have the descriptions for the below crystals?

I love the Crystals
Janelle ,Pasadena Texas 11-23-2015

65)Yes, I received the package yesterday and the item was perfect.  I love it!
Already have received compliments on it.  I have taken care of payment of the balance of $10.00 through PayPal a few minutes ago.  Hope all is well.
And thank once again.  Merry Christmas.
With a grateful heart,
Michelle,,Dover, Massachusetts 12-24-2015

66)Hi Warren,

I received all 7 items. Love every one of them. Their colors, shapes, and the connection I'm feeling with them are just amazing... Thanks s much for connecting me with them.

Just one more question, I didn't get to ask you whether the Emerald rough was genuine untreated and natural, it looks even nicer than the photo you posted. So hope you don't mind me wait till now to ask... But I'll keep it no matter what your answer is. Just want to know. Love it no matter what :)

Merry Christmas!

Claire ,Madison Alabama 12-24-2015

67)Hi Warren

the stone arrived Saturday, after quite a travel if you realise it started at the Himalayas,

and is much more beautiful than on the picture,

very interesting grow structure,

the  radiance is much as described; soft soothing calmness stillness with warm awareness


Greetings Martijn

Enschede, 7546AG Netherlands,07-18-2016

68) Its good.Delivery is fast as well.Appreciate it.Just what im looking for to deal with my problems in life.Thank you so much!God bless..

Herman Bin

Blk 342 bukit batok st34 #04-74

Singapore, Singapore 650342
Singapore 09-24-2016

69)Thank you!
Loved the first batch I got from you guys.


SG-2177-9761 Kristoffer John Co
Portland, Oregon
United States of America 01-27-2017

70)I stumbled across this website on accident and have already made two purchases. The selection is incredible for online store and shipping is super fast
. The owner contacts you immediately to notify when it ships. Would definitely recommend.
Daniel,Los Angeles California 02-15-2019

72)Yes they are as expected. Thank you

Susan ,Vancouver Canada 4-19-2019

72)Warren, I love the cluster. My husband is going to think it’s wonderful. We are pretty much done with our holiday shopping, but if I think of anything last minute, I will email you.
Thanks so much!

.Maryland United States ,12-03-2020

73)Thank you my pendants arrived safely. I appreciate that you did this for me.

With love
Jason. ,Auckland New Zealand ,12-03-2020

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